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Pine Tree Picture’s Post COVID Note

Dynamic and Flexible, Pine Tree has been successful at swiftly adapting to the need of the hour. The Post-Covid market is unprecedented and unseen but we believe in ‘Que sera sera’- Life goes on. Pine Tree has launched a full system of tools to equip organizations to carry on business as usual. We offer organized webinars and online concerts, stand-out digital content, and short films to grab eyeballs. One of the short films shot and produced end to end during the lockdown has garnered awards and recognition and is now streaming on MX player.

Concert Crowd


At Pine Tree, it starts with mapping the core needs of our clients, understanding the psyche of the people it will cater to, marking a suitable empty space and having the vision to build it from the ground up.

We have successfully curated high quality events that have always left people elated. That is our ultimate goal – a smooth run and a memorable event.


Within a frame lies an undeniable power of connecting the viewer and communicating the message effectively that rarely other mediums can. With pursuit of art as a driving force, we have succeeded in making a wide realm of movies in various formats, catering to audiences worldwide. From award winning short films, to animated movies, corporate films, TV shows or commercials; we have played to our strengths of experienced creative heads and innovative young workforce, matching visionary ideas with new trends and technology.

Professional camera closeup
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