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Meet The Team

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Managing Director

At the apex of this organisation lies the exceptional leadership of Gautam Chaturvedi. An avid reader of world history and Indian mythology, a cinephile and connoisseur of art, he is a man of many creative pursuits and interests.

Gautam, takes his passion for traveling to the innumerable nooks and crannies of this country by road, and brings home stories and anecdotes that reflect the true pulse of this nation. It’s his constant curiosity, creativity and vision that he channels into every project.

A recognised television and theater actor from the Kum Kum, Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki, Brahma Vishnu Mahesh and others, Gautam did over 40 shows in his acting career of 14 years. This enabled him to acquire technical knowledge needed in the nitty gritty of film making. With a deep passion for visual arts and storytelling, Gautam decided to foray into production to quench his thirst for higher creative satisfaction and gave rise to the idea of the ingenious space, we now know and trust as Pine Tree Pictures. A high achiever, Gautam strives for excellence in every project. Fueled by ideals, Gautam has big plans for the company to take it to new heights and to give back to the creative community he knows and comes from by providing them with a platform to blossom.

Gautam Chaturvedi


Tying everything together, Martha comes as the senior supervisor from the Aviation Industry, and enriches the company with her tact and unique skill set of bringing people together and aligning resources. Understanding the client’s vision and bringing it to life every single time, is tougher than it seems, but with Martha’s notable experience in the hospitality sector, this is delivered every single time at Pine Tree.

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Martha Chaturvedi

Meet The Team

Gautam Chaturvedi

Gautam Chaturvedi

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Mukesh Dhasmana


Mukesh Dhasmana, is the proverbial wise and experienced figure in the organisation, that provides the stability and unmatched expertise to Pine Tree. Educated in Dehradun, Mr. Dhasmana came to Mumbai and dabbled for many years in acting. He was naturally pulled into the technical skill aspect of Production and Direction. Highly skilled in editing, he has an eye to visualize the big picture. Mukesh Dhasmana has produced many films, ad films and shows in the span of 30 rich years in the industry. A maestro in production, at Pine Tree, he has personally overlooked the production of films and events of every scale. He believes that work when done should bring satisfaction to the hands it’s done by. This passion for seeing an event come through, has led him to work tirelessly on projects and always leaves a 100 percent result.

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